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The helicopters are returning to Diamond!

Diamond is re-investing in flight training with the addition of a new Robinson R22. Give us a call to set up a Discovery Flight, and get started on your rotorcraft private pilot certificate or add-on rating!

Fly into the future with our fleet of technically advanced aircraft!

Cessna 172SPs w/Garmin G1000
We have two Garmin G1000 equipped Skyhawk 172SP airplanes. Straight from the factory, these Cessnas bring you the most technologically advanced flight deck ever offered on this class of aircraft. The newest includes a Garmin integrated autopilot.

Experience the confidence of flying a glass cockpit. As Cessna says, "This Changes Everything!"

More Information and Bookings
Check out each aircraft's web page for further details. Book your check-out by calling Diamond Aviation at (650) 591-7611 and fly the future, today!

Robinson R22

Robinson R22 Cockpit

Cessna Skyhawk 172SP

Cessna 172SP G1000 Panel

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